Smart Edge Services, as a graphic design company in Lagos, provides a complex solution when it comes to graphic design services. Our abilities and competence goes far beyond the standard graphic design studio, our experience allows us to see the brand from all the sides and to offer the most effective and unique design solutions. No matter what do you need, business card or digital banner, restaurant menu or a promotional flyer, email newsletter or product packaging we can provide you a cutting edge solution with a true north nordic style.

Hiring Smart Edge Services as a graphic design agency you receive the best:

1. Efficiency
We thoroughly examine your company and current branding and will maintain a style of your brand in all digital, promotional and printed materials. This approach significantly increases the effectiveness of your marketing, time and money efforts.

2. High Quality Stuff
Our team is saturated with very talented and skillful graphic designers, marketing moguls and creative content creation specialists. Thanks to this, we will provide you with first-class quality products and results.

3. Quick Turnaround
Saving you time to brief about every new project. We’ll take care of your brand’s graphic design and promotional elements and make sure projects are done within the reasonable time frame.

What We Do

We’re happy to design a creative and memorable business card for you and make sure it’s unique, high quality and reflects your company at it’s best. From ₦7,000 Only!

Looking for a creative and attractive promotional items? We’re happy to design an attractive brochure or flyer to showcase your products. From ₦15,000 Only!

Getting ready for an exhibition or trade show? We’ll be happy to offer our roll up banner design services. From ₦35,000 Only!

We’ll be happy to design a professional, attractive custom sized banner and/or billboard for your next advertising campaign. From ₦20,000 Only!

Creative and attractive product packaging is one of your the most important selling points. Product packaging design from ₦10,000 Only!

If you need a truly tasty & delicious menu designed for your cafe or restaurant – our designers will be happy to help you. Menu designs starts from ₦10,000 only!