TWO LION Portable Bag Closer Sewing Machine

50,000.00 47,000.00

Model: GK26-1A
Voltage: 110v/220v
Power: 100W
Rotation Rate: 11500 r/min
Shaft Speed: 1500~1800 r/min
Stitch Distance: 6.5mm


TWO LION GK-26-1A Bag Closer Closing Machine Portable Electric Sewing Machine Automatic Oiling Woven Bag Packing Machine For Woven bag/Snakeskin bag/Sack

It is suitable for sealing various kinds of openings of gunny sack, cloth bag, brown paper bag, plastic bag etc. Small size, easy use, high speed and high quality. Features:

It is an excellent endurable level seaming machine.
Suitable to sewing different kinds of thin, moderate thick garments
With a little light
Safe plastic handle


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